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What does it take to start Your Own income Tax Business? Step By Step

Starting your own professional tax practice is a unique process, with Internal Revenue Services (IRS) requirements and ever – changing laws adding to the complexity. Following are the Steps Involved in starting up a Own Income Tax Business:


  • Get Register Your Business with your State
  • Find out from the IRS if you need an EIN for your business.
  • Obtain an electronic filling identification number (EFIN) from the IRS.
  • Obtain a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) from the IRS.
  • Determine your business Model.
  • Pricing Your Tax Service affordable .
  • Understanding tax certificate options.
  • Consider which professional tax software is right for your business.
  • Consider other tax tools to help you streamline your workflow.
  • Ensure you stay up to date with continuing education.
  • Market yourself and have empathic view.
  • Expand Your Practice to serve small- medium sized business.

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