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Top 5 Tips to Make Taxes Easier This or Next Year

Want to make taxes easier. Lets try the below and  you will definitely find the difference from earlier for your tax return filing.

  1. Behold Last Year’s Tax Return:

Yes its always good if you can have the past data handy which helps to find the additional information or changes required to be captured in current year return.

  1. Ask your bank for help:

Speak to your financial expert in the starting of the month instead of rushing in last minute and find out the ways which are legally possible to fit the best to your requirements.   Gather all receipts which are eligible for deductions & all work related

Try to maintain the soft and hard copy of the investment/proofs of your investment/expenses which you planned to claim in the tax return so that you wont waste the time in last minute when your tax expert ask for the same to close your return.

  1. Collect all 26As, Form16 & Form 16A etc.,

Cross check the form 26 AS with the form 16 and form 16 A , in the absence of matching the same the credit against your PAN cannot be claimed by you .

  1. Consult with a Tax professional

As the tax authorities started collecting minute details in the tax return and gathering all the information using the artificial intelligence, data analytics its not that easy to hide the transactions done by you during the year. To avoid notices etc it is advisable to take the help of the tax expert to file your tax return. Experts will also provide you the expertise services which is need of the hour.

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