USATAXX is a US based firm operating internationally. It has been recognized as one of the best bay area business tax preparation services offering both onsite and online tax preparation services.  We are a specialized and registered form following the IRS and we have amazing staffs that have established a good reputation and are legally backed.

For over 10 years now we have aimed at influencing the job market by raising and working with small and medium sized business owners, individuals as well as companies providing them with a vast range of business tax preparation and bookkeeping services.

Clients can consider working with us as the right firm to provide you with IRS tax relief, professional accounting and Bookkeeping Services for small & large businesses, easy tax filing and many other professional services.


The services provided by USATAXX are of 11 broad categories which thus include but not limited to the following list below.

  • Professional Accounting & Bookkeeping Service
  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Foreign Bank Accounts Reporting (FBAR)
  • Incorporation Services
  • S corporation
  • C corporation
  • Individual Taxes

  • International Revenue Services (IRS)
  • Limited Liability Corporations (LLC)
  • Non-profit organizations and Trust
  • Limited liability corporations
  • Accounting advice for startup’s
Incorporation Services

Incorporation Services

USATAXX delivers brilliant incorporation tax services provision to US based and non-US residents hopping to startup businesses in the US.

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Non-Profit Organization

Non-Profit Organization

Organizations with the aim of encouraging a specific action or have the intensions of satisfying special kinds of societal needs…

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Limited Liability Corporation (

Limited Liability Corporation

Obtaining a limited liability status as a business gives that business a dual nature. That is, the company has the…

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Choosing an S corporation (S subchapter) is indicative for organizations that intend to meet particular internal revenue code requirements while…

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Fatca And Fbar


The tax law FATCA compels that the U.S. citizens at home and abroad can file annual reports on any foreign…

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Accounting Advice For Start-Ups Llc, S-Corp, And C-Corp

Accounting Advice For Business

Starting a business of any size can be challenging at times especially when you are new to the field as…

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A C Corporation company also known as a standard corporation, is the most commonly used type of corporation in the…

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Book Keeping Services

Have you ever thought of having a good bookkeeping service for a business,an organization, or law firm? At USATAXX we…

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Individual Taxes

Quick tax filling is a necessity for businessmen and very busy people to help them catch-up with time and the…

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Missed filing FBAR?

Unfortunately, not being able to file an FBAR is not tolerated for any reason as such comes with penalties. Individuals…

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USATAXX has the best tax preparation & filing service providers in the bay area ensuring a hundred percent accuracy in tax preparation procedures for all business types of all nature like startup tech companies, small and medium-sized enterprise, large and established corporations and also provide individuals tax service provisions with absolute confidentiality. All tax returns are properly reviewed by our best professionals before it's channelled to our clients for confirmation then filed. We provide online tax consultation services where clients are able to book a session with an expert for a professional discussion and strategic planning. You can get to a consultant by sending us an email or a phone call.

A brief overview of our services is explained below.


We provide accounting advice for startups, non-profit organizations, S corporation, C corporations, Trust, companies, well established corporations, startups and help in tax preparation business plan, professional tax preparation services & filing business tax return for our clients while maintaining all legalities thus increasing client’s authority in the market and audacity when it concerns similar firms.

Individuals who want to establish a startup company at any region in the national territory are provided with the best accounting advise for startups, professional and legal term sheet preparations, best funding, negotiations and investment options, 409a valuations, stock options, 83 b filings, QSBS stocks and even to the extent of setting up overseas models, patents, trademarks filings and registration while taking into consideration. Several other accounting activities that help startups stand such as advanced business bookkeeping services, professional income tax services, business tax preparation services California.


It is very important for business tax preparation & tax return filings to be done by experienced accounting firms San Francisco in the field as such we encourage you to get a session with our professional tax team to discuss better options for yourself as well as your business. Citizens of the United States regardless of the place where they are to fulfil income tax & business tax return procedures. This summarizes the cumulative financial standpoint in and out of the country. Hence, failure to comply with such obligations is always accompanied with penalties to individuals most of which are very heavy. To get a fast and ease way tax filing process you can give us a call. We prepare tax filings for individuals, startups, non-profit organizations, Trust, companies, Limited Liability corporations(LLC),S corporations and C corporations.


Clients can patronize our professional FBAR filling system which is easy to execute while preventing FBAR Penalties.The penalties linked to the inability to comply with FBAR filings are of two kinds. That is, it can either be a willful act or a non-willful act. These two are associated with 2 separate finning gravities.


We provide virtual accounting and bookkeeping services to our clients ranging from individuals to small and medium sized companies to large and older corporations in the bay area & startup entities. By tracking the amount of money that goes in and out of clients business, they have the possibilities of evaluating their exact earnings, a specific revenue distribution pattern that gives a perfect demonstration of the amount spent on every little stuff at any given point in time under each category of your business operations. Our accounting and bookkeeping services are unique and prestigious, providing you with an account detail containing the exact date and time that, every amount was transferred from into your account and out of your account within a definite period of time.


With over ten years of expertise, we have built a good reputation and we encourage you to patronize our services.To get the best of small business tax preparation services, you can give us a call or send us an email and we will be able to book a session with you. We will provide you with both online & offline tax preparation services with best accounting and bookkeeping emphasizing on the fact that we remain among the best bay area accounting firms.