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Incorporation Services

USATAXX delivers brilliant incorporation tax services provision to US based and non-US residents hopping to startup businesses in the US. Let question yourself what is an incorporation service. In short, incorporation is an authenticated process involved in the structure and foundation of a company or a corporate entity. This process of tax preparation service for business also involves the establishment of small and medium sized businesses, non-governmental organizations including charities and physical education clubs. This procedure is very crucial for anyone starting a business and should not be ignored for any reason as it might also attract legal charges on you at some point in time.

We dispense tax preparation for business startups, and we have been able to help in the filing of business tax for small accounting firms in San Francisco as well as eminent corporations and organizations. We support in filing of business tax preparations & filings and also manage the tax preparation of businesses with a high degree of professionalism.

To be able to successfully, establish your organization or corporation, there are certain conditions that are, needed from the organization. This will include tax filing procedures some which might be familiar to you and some that might not be. This is because requirements varies from state to state in as much as the objective remains the same. The most familiar piece of information that can be, needed for an organization or business to be legally formed and issued and obtained a certificate of incorporation are:

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  • The name of the business or organization (both for profit and not for profit)
  • The objective for which the business or the corporation was, created to achieve.
  • The name of the registered agent
  • The value of the shares they offer for each item.
  • The organization should be able to clearly, bring out a number of authorized shares and stocks required.
  • The documents must have the name of the Executive in charge.
  • A list of preferred shares should be, attached to the documents, as this information will be, necessary to issue you a certificate of incorporation.
  • A list of all the executive board members and employees representing any level of your organization or business.
  • The address of your corporation or business will also be required

Benefit of an Incorporation Certification

After the corporation established and issuance of the certificate of incorporation, business owners and organizations are entitled to a lot of previleges and legal backings that comes alongside the certification especially when, for example small accounting firms in San Francisco  are able to manage their business income tax return properly.

Joint partners in a business, the partners are individually and mutually responsible for the liabilities acquired in the journey of that business. Therefore, individuals will not have to lay the burden on the shoulders of a single individual or group of people. Their responsibilities of partner in bearing the burden that arise is, shared proportion what they invested in the organisation.

Moreover, the life of the company is by no means reliable and solely dependent on the existence of a particular individual. In which case, if a member is lost, the corporation or business continues to move on without much outbreak from their day-to-day practices.

In a similar way, the company is not by anyway exit due to challenges associated with the bankruptcy and disorder of its member or administrator.

Finally, the company once registered gets its individual assets protected from charges and entitlements from creditors. Thus staying an independent and unsound from the business.

Individuals owning small accounting firms in San Francisco, and some other parts of the USA are less liable to get high tax for startup businesses once they obtain a certificate of incorporation. The individuals get a business income tax return of up to 80% from the dividend obtained from that company.

Which business entity can I incorporate?

A question asked by many yet got a specific response.

USATAXX which once started as a small accounting firm in San Francisco have been able to handle hundreds of businesses on which part to choose even as we support them with their tax return services. The capability of our experts have made us one of the best accounting and bookkeeping service providers in the bay areas of San Francisco and in the us in general, delivering both onsite and virtual incorporation services.

Business owners firstly, should know where they fall. What type of business they run and under which category does it falls. A business can be a limited liability company (LLC), OPC, and much more so it is important to spot yourself in any of these variants because particular ideas gets consummate on a better footing using the PLC footing whereas others might succeed better using the LLC footing and so on. In addition, it will be essential to know that what you pickup should depend on three key elements namely: taxation, liabilities and record keeping.

Taxation Effects

The fear of tax for startup businesses should be enough reason for an individual or a business owner to make use of proper filing of taxes. Individuals running a registered corporation are, more settled to get better tax options compared to sole proprietors. Individual with as less as 70% shareholder return are stimulate to grab an S-corporation status as it have been made available to them so as to reduce tax payment.


Legal liabilities can be a source of difficulty for many businesses and business owners in addition to the filing business taxes from the government. Sole proprietorship and partnership are good for businesses that can advance its services and act as a liability even though it gets risky along the line. This is because every business owner or organization head has in mind, the safe guarding of personal assets as the best practices for being incorporated and secondly the ability to get a high business income tax return.

Record Keeping

The burden of high cost involved in the maintenance of a proper bookkeeping service and data analysis may force business owners to get into partnership and sole proprietorship. Every settled businessman should be able to sit-down at the end of the day and analyze of these.

It is preferable to outsource a task to a bookkeeping service if you hardly have time for paperwork and for real, you do not want to miss the benefits that comes with it. It saves time, increases accuracy and keeps you growing. You can contact our customer care service in case you need a bookkeeping service.

Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietor is a single individual that is involved in the day-to-day functioning of a business and he is the owner of the business. In the death of the owner, there is a winding of the business in most cases. However, if you feel working alone is preferable then this is a better option for you.

The tax filling system in this situation is attractive because expenditures from your business are, bound on your personal income tax return and for the fact that you have total control over your business.


The partnership structural business can be looked at when the business involves two or more individuals or corporate bodies. Two or more individuals or corporations come together with their individual resources to achieve a particular objective. There are 2 types of partnership models every business owner, should know. A limited partnership and a general partnership. The general partner shares in the day-to-day running and liabilities associated with the business whereas the limited partners often come in as investors and have no control over the running of the business.

How to incorporate a business

If you are interested in registering your business, you can email us or call us from our work phone and we will have a discussion with you.

An enquiry form will be, provided to you, the different types of business entities will be narrated to you before filling of taxes. We have a team of experts that will take you through the steps and guide you accomplish the process faster with less stress and with no errors. Our team have more than 10 years of experience providing such services making us top-notch for such services.

You will have to prepare an article of incorporation in line with some required documents like bylaws that govern the running of your corporation. This article of incorporation should include a business name, address, and branches of the corporation you are registering.

You can contact us or simply send us an email to discuss with an expert in case you are willing to enquire more and also to set your business moving forward.