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C Corporation

A C Corporation company also known as a standard corporation, is the most commonly used type of corporation in the USA. This is partly because of the uncontrollable growth associated with the sales of stocks to the population as there is no limit to the number of shares a company can accept and also, this has proven to be an effective method as it has the potential to attract rich investors into your company. Forming a C corporation in the USA comes with a lot of benefits that businessmen find to be valuable in the growth of their company.

Services that are associated with the establishment of companies of such caliber can be, handled here at USATAXX. We provides a professional income tax management services that enables business owners interested in registering as a C Corporation to do so with a better understanding of what they are getting themselves into thanks to sessions organized for clients. You can send us an email and we will attend to you personally.

A standard corporation (C Corporation) has as one of the advantages over S corporation the ability to go beyond common stocks thus raising more capital for the business.

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We help you know what is happening to your business at every bay area level and how to skyrocket from your financial accounting position. With over 10 years of existence and numerous testimonies recorded throughout these years, our business consulting and tax preparation services are well noted as one of the best business accounting business service firms in the USA.

After forming a c corporation,If you are willing to know how to incorporate your business, you will start by contacting the secretary of state or the state office responsible for the registering corporations in the state where you intend to open your business or contact our business service experts and we will be, assigned to you. Our team will help you provide you with an instruction form, legal fees, and much more. We encourage you to contact USATAXX if you are new to starting up business corporations to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Why Do I Have To Choose A C Corporation

Similar to a C corporation, there are numerous advantages associated with the establishment of a c corporation in the United States. Some of which are listed below;

  1. Unlimited growth

A company registered as a C Corporation has the ability to skyrocket above all odds without much restriction. This can be, made possible thanks to unlimited sales of stocks to the open market.

  1. No limited number of shareholders

Unlike an S corporation that is more preferable for companies with less than 100 shareholders (<70 in some areas), a C corporation has no definite number of shareholders it could accept or minimize. Growth in such corporations is often exponential if managed correctlyby endeavoring our professional business experts, such that the company is required to register with the Security Exchange Act (SEC) of 1934.

  1. Limited Liability

Shareholders are not entitled to losing their assets. So the corporate loss will not exceed the amount invested as a share in that company as such they have to fear of losing personal properties because of a business.

  1. Continuous existence

A company will continue to exist even with the death of a shareholder or director. As such, we can boldly say the company once registered as a C corporation has as one of its benefit the ability to exist independently from owner.

  1. Greater integrity

With your business registered as a c corporation, your company gets greater credibility among lenders and supplies as the business is, regarded as optimum and trustworthy.

  1. Tax Advantage

One of the reasons for registering a business as a C corporation type is because of the numerous tax deductions associated with this method thus limiting business expenses.This can be achieved by opting our professional tax preparer experts for filing business taxes.

To register your company as a C Corporation, you can contact us for a session so that we may discuss more about the characteristics of this method and what you should be expecting in return. Our business & Tax service experts will take you through the steps involved in setting up a business legally as a c corporation, this will involve few steps such as choosing a legal name, drafting, and filing of the article of incorporations, apply for a business license, and the issuance of a certificate to the initial shareholders. Many other documents are, needed to successfully roundup this process, which is beyond the scope of this write-up but can be, better explained in a session with our business experts. Feel amazed to contact us anytime within our working hours and we will be humbled to work with you.