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How to Manage Clients With in a Busy tax Season

In every field there is off season and busy season and tax field is not an exception. Meeting the clients demand in the peak of the hour is a tough task. As a professional firm it should manage the team in such a way that the regular tasks can be done by normal team and where it has more diverse opinions need expert team . One should prepare the tax organiser once the return form is out by making the additional columns to capture the required data.

The regular client don’t want to fill in the bais details every year so we should ensure that our team captures from previous years and ask for the confirmation of the data which we are not much sure instead of asking all details from scratch. It is also advisable to educate the client that the additional information asked is due to change in the form as the foreign national’s or NRI are not much comfortable to share all information and to make them feel comfortable we should schedule a call with them when we send the tax organiser instead of just sending the same as it saves more time instead of mails exchange for clarifications.

Fix the time lines to clients and the staff so that some buffer time should be kept to the management to handle the sensitive cases and last minute cases as we cant afford to reject the last minute clients. Try to educate the clients and prospective clients by making them educate the need of filing on or before the due date and don’t wait for extension as its not always guaranteed.

Where expertise is required transfer the case from the day one to the expert in the team based on the study of organiser or customer specification to avoid the delay in filing the return.

Each team member has their own expertise so identify the same and allot the work and set the deadlines properly. Because even the team cannot stretch to work beyond certain point. Respect the time committed by both parties.

Meeting need not be personal always be approachable to client over the call and schedule the same before you closes their return. Try to avoid last minute because technical glitches waste the man hours a lot so don’t increase the cost of performing for nothing.