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How to Encourage your Clients to File their ITR Before Due Date

We can transfer the benefit to the client only if we can save from our cost. If we end up uploading the returns in the last minute the man hours spent for uploading will be more and the ITR form gets updated at regular intervals and if we start and keep on pending the tax return need to be updated accordingly which increase the time spent on the same.

Once an assesee falls under the tax filing category its always recommended to close the same at the earliest so that the refund if any now a days is also getting processed at a faster rate as against earlier years.

In order to avoid penalty for not filing the tax return there would be penalty under sec 234 F under the income tax act. If there is tax due and not ascertained on time the interest liability increase every month which will falls sometime more than the fees paid to their expert service providers. Once you file the return we can revise the return without any penalty for non filing of the same.