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Best Client Retention Strategies for Your Online Tax Return Business

For any business to sustain the service provider should have the empathic view to meet the needs of the client. The client expectations will change based on the change in their business, change in laws, change in market conditions etc. As a expert provider we should keep ourselves updated and also update the client which helps to reduce his business cost. Try to find out the business plans of the client and try to provide the information which helps to get the maximum benefits out of the various government incentives

Always its advisable to have a call with them once in every quarter even if there is no work pending with them to have a connect.

Try to provide ancillary services other than return filing which helps to retain the client.

Its recommended to take the feed back and act upon the action points to provide better services

Provide value addition to the client which makes them to stay with you longer

Don’t leave the client when he is in tough time try to help to the extent legally possible to come out of the same.

Try to take education session to through news alerts or updates round the year based on their applicability to them to make them feel you are there always.

Maintain atleast one common database which you and the client have access so that the information can be shared on real time basis to avoid delay. A word of mouth will generate the clients if you provide good services  your existing clients