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US Incorporation Services

One can have millions of business idea and many such ideas die before implementation WHY ?? because Starting or incorporating a business is a big deal; it involves procedures, rules, laws and regulations. One needs to be keen and know every step in  detail before getting involved. You must be wondering how to handle this and what steps to be taken care of. Do not worry we are here in USATAXX to help you with the  best incorporation services.

The very first question comes across is should one has to be citizen of the USA to incorporate a business entity in the USA or even aliens are allowed to do so. We have answer for this question. We help and helped in past to many clients both US citizens and non-US-citizens. We  had handled and are handling hundreds of businesses, not only incorporation but many other important services  from scratch to Finish like bookkeeping services ,accounting ,tax services without missing tax benefits.

Here is bird’s eye view of our services-

Reasons to register a company in the US

  • Limit your liabilities to creditors/ investors -Registering a Business in the US will turn the company into a separate legal body. Your assets are guarded against business actions. Creditors can pursue payments from business assets and not personal assets. In this way, you can continue with your business activity without risking your personal property, assets etc.
  • Ease in raising Capital – Registering a business as a corporation in the US allows you to issue shares and raise equity capital. It will help you in attracting investors in raising funds for the company and helps in bank loan access.
  • Lesser Corporate Tax– Individuals are encouraged and provided with good incentives for registering their business in the US. You can get tax benefits and other financial incentives. For example, corporate taxes are much lower in the US.
  • Brand Building – Registering your company in the US gives you a foreign reputation. It also improves your company’s credibility provided with recognition.

Types of the business body that can be incorporated

Any individual whether from India or foreign land can incorporate C-corporation or LLC. Another body that can be incorporated is S-corporation but it necessitates all shareholders to be a US citizen.

. C-corporation or LLC- Any individual whether from India or foreign land can incorporate.

. S-corporation or LLC – it necessitates all shareholders to be a US citizen.

Let us look into the differences between these business bodies. 

LLC and C-corporation

LLC is a business body that is legally distinct from its proprietors also called members. An LLC can have one or many members. Whereas C-corporation indicates a body that is taxed distinctly from its proprietors.

LLC and S-corporation

LLC is more adjustable and flexible as compared to S-corporation. The rules and regulations are also fewer in LLCs when compared to S-corporations. For example- an ‘S-corporation’ can have only up to 100 stockholders and must arrange for annual meetings..

Documents required for incorporating a business in the US

  • Name of the Company
  • Kind of business you want to incorporate
  • Address (physical) of the registered business
  • Details and names of the business partners
  • Address of the business partners
  • Percentage of ownership held

If you are interested in knowing more and want incorporation services do contact us via email or call us for discussion. All the required information and necessary details will be provided with guidance in each step. We have deal with many clients and helped them with incorporation services, tax filings, bookkeeping and accounting services. We have a complete team of experienced individuals who will help you in achieving the best results with quick and reliable methods that too without flaws. For more details visit our page https://usataxx.com/.

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