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USATAXX was founded by an entire group of professionals, experts in their domain with a good level of experience. Staying as the number one accounting and bookkeeping firms in the bay areas of not only in San Francisco but in other places too, providing top knots virtual bookkeeping services as online book keeping services for all business categories, programming Service tax for startups and maximizing the productivity of our clients in and out of the USA.

As a bay area accounting firm that have been around for more than a decade, we have established an awesome relationship with our clients regardless of their categories and we have been focused on providing them with the best price tax filing ever and an easy tax return filing process. Formed by top professionals in the field of accounting and some currently working as members of the California board of accountancy and American Institute of Certifies Public Accountants. Operating in over 4 countries, we have as primary objective to provide top knots international cash flow tracking and best accountancy & taxation services in its entity.

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USATAXX have gained its reputation in this way, providing such legally backed and quality services for clients, fixing all challenges associated with foreign assets at any point in time. It's to this account that we proudly say our tax preparer experts have submitted over hundreds of IRS offshore amnesty packages ever since the creation of this firm.

We have a team of professional accountants providing quality financial & book keeping services and today being among the best accounting and bookkeeping Service providers and with regards to this, USATAXX provides professional online bookkeeping services for citizens of the United States, United Kingdom and also for international firms owned by US citizens.

At this point, we will like to provide you with an opportunity to get to know us more and what we offer to our clients. We will explain ourselves better from the subsequent paragraphs


USATAXX is currently one of the best accounting and bookkeeping service provider in the bay area accounting firms in other parts of the country also. We provide outstanding bookkeeping services, tax return services, FBAR filings and many other services needed by clients to stay professional and legal while still growing. We do not just focus on large and renowned companies but also provide clients with bay area startups small business tax preparation services. Our objectives are clear and we abide to our principles. You can trust us with your business and we will provide you with the best support your business have ever had with maintaining confidentiality.

Our Team

USATAXX was created by a member of the California board of accountancy and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Our recruits are outstanding individuals in their own domain of expertise. Client satisfaction have been our number one priority ever since its 10 years of existence.

Countries Where We Work

We have grown exponentially over the years thus permitting us to establish branches in over top 4 countries which are the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Singapore and India.

We pride ourselves in our services and look forward to working with you regardless of whether or not you once ran a business. We will grow you to the best position possible, maximizing every chance and providing you with the best bookkeeping services ever. Making use of tax returns and virtual bookkeeping services, we will boost your productivity. To get the chance to talk with our top financial accounting and bookkeeping service providers, with just a single call or an email to us, you get to score a session with us, enabling us to better comprehend the challenges faced by your business. We will give you advice for your business startups as well as tax preparation and bookkeeping for businesses of any size.

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